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CerMark Laser Marking of Stainless Steel Tags for the Highway Industry

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CerMark Laser Marking of Stainless Steel Tags for the Highway Industry

A transportation industry customer approached us to laser mark their stainless steel tags. The 3" wide and 1.5" tall tags, which are used on hydro poles on Toronto's 407 highway, are marked using CerMark™ which creates permanent black lasered text on the tag's stainless steel. The CerMark™ is sprayed on using an aerosol can prior to the actual marking, which is done with a Co2 laser. This customer's orders are ongoing and are bought in batches of 100 pieces. We engrave these prepaid blanks and our customer receives partial shipments as needed. To make sure the tags can withstand the harsh weather in Canada, we consulted the testing done by the CerMark™ manufacturer which includes immersing the tags in various test solutions (organic solvents, acids, bases, boiling H2O, LN2 and hot flame) and we conduct internal employee quality checks before shipping.

For more details about this laser marking job featuring CerMark™, please see below. If you want more information about our other outstanding engraving and marking services please contact Engraving Marketing Concepts.

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Project Highlights for the Custom Laser Marking of Stainless Steel Tags

Product DescriptionThese laser marked tags are used on hydro poles on the 407 highway.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Laser marking
  • Marked using CerMark
  • Creates permanent Black Engraving using Co2 laser
  • The CerMark is Sprayed on using an Aerosol Can Prior to marking
Equipment Used to Manufacture PartUniversal Laser
Overall Part Dimensions
Thickness: 20 Gauge
Length: 3"
Width: 1.5"
Material of TagsStainless Steel
Material FinishSatin
In process testing/inspection performedImmersed in Various Test Solutions to see Effect:
  • Organic Solvents
  • Acid/Bases
  • Boiling H2O
  • LN2
  • Hot Flame
Internal Employee Quality Checks are Performed on the Plate Before Shipping
Industry for UseHighway
Volume100 Blanks
Delivery LocationCanada
Standards MetWe Were Fulfilling a Need for a Very Durable Outdoor, "Canadian Weather" Proof Plate.
Product NameLaser Marking of Highway Hydro Pole Tags

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